The ‘Dating Around’ Cast Will Make Anyone Who Feels Left Out Of Other Dating Shows Feel Seen

At that time, I was still very cynical about dating, and that’s taken a long time for me to break out of. But, in my experience, a first date typically disappoints. You usually know within the first 15 minutes whether you’re interested in a second date, and if not, you have to spend the rest of the time being polite, when all you want to do is bail. lovestruck delete account For me, add the complexity of being divorced, Indian, and 38, and I usually spend most of the date hearing questionable comments and trying not to react negatively to them. Went into quarantine in March, James reached out to offer me his spare bedroom in Pasadena. He didn’t want me to be alone if I couldn’t go to my family’s house in Texas.

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James is an Emmy Award-winning producer and Peabody Award-winning cinematographer. Right now, he is working on a Quibi show with Lena Waithe. He is also a very doting father to his 10-year-old son from his previous marriage.

I told them, I’m kind of picky, and I’m not going to force myself if I go on dates with these guys and I’m not into it. That “Master of None” episode took a satirical approach to dating apps, and it’s one that’s shared by many of their users. Tinder, Bumble and Hinge offer vast playing fields but slim pickings, so daters survive by wearing cynicism as armor, telling themselves that nothing matters and that they really don’t care. But “Dating Around” dispels the nihilism haunting the dating app experience. By replicating its process and filming it for television, the show imbues it with great significance. Do you feel a need to articulate more than you want to share to a potential partner, to kind of exonerate yourself?

At the end of each episode, the single at the center picks which of the five first dates they want to pursue for a second night out. The cast is probably the most diverse of any dating show around, featuring members of the LGBTQ community, elderly and many folks of different ethnicities. Watching the clip, I focused more on Basra than on Justin. She and I are, on paper, twins — I’m also Indian-American, in my 30s, and divorced. Such features make Basra and I members of a small club.

Who Is Justin on Netflix’s ‘Dating Around’?

Critics of reality television harp on how unreal it all is. It can feel like the smart and knowing move for a show to lean into its artifice. Placing itself at a cynical remove pre-emptively guards against criticism. But “Dating Around” embraces its vulnerability, dangling in the space between documentary and drama. Not all of the dates are good — Gurki, an Indian-American divorcée, has a harrowing run-in with Justin, a white guy who berates her over her relationship history — but they do matter. When Justin storms out, Gurki exhales and presses a hand to her heart, as if to make sure it’s still there.

I am an extrovert, and not having that human interaction due to quarantine has been really tough on me. She remained single then and from the looks of her social media, she remains single now, just focusing on herself and her work. Plus, to be honest, being single is so much better than being with someone who doesn’t understand and appreciate you or your culture.

This is dark territory indeed, and you may have to steel yourself to get through the dozen episodes. Yet it’s cathartic and cauterising too, if only because you crawl from the wreckage thinking thank God it’s them and not me. After repeatedly interrupting Basra to mansplain about his ideas about relationships, Justin criticizes Basra’s previous arranged marriage, while not understanding the cultural pressures Basra was facing at the time.

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The brunette beauty revealed her romance with Netflix director James Adolphus when she posted a cozy photo with the caption “Who said I didn’t pick a second date? Now, she’s opening up exclusively to Life & Style about how their “professional relationship” blossomed into something more. Basra, 38, joked on Sunday about her appearance on the reality show on Instagram, sharing a photo with the series’ director and cinematographer, James Adolphus — who she is now dating.